EROS, or the Erotic Rose Society, was conceived from a desire to fully live and experience the BDSM lifestyle. We strongly believe in the BDSM credo of safe, sane and consensual play, and we feel that comprehensive education is the key. Properly executed, BDSM is a source of great enjoyment, but poorly done, BDSM can be dangerous.

Our aim from day one (October 1997) has always been to have fun and to encourage our friends to do likewise as we explore all sorts of interests relating to the mental and physical pursuits of BDSM through our weekly meetings/classes. Then applying that knowledge in real life play parties! (as opposed to purely online endeavors)
The easiest way to reach Eros is to come to a weekly class. Held in a public place, these meetings are non-threatening for newcomers and are well attended by regular members. Every Saturday at roughly 1pm, Eros hosts a one and a half hour class. If you'd like more information or to attend, please email the board of Eros at

If you have any further questions, please e-mail the Board of Eros at One of our board members will get back to you as quickly as possible.

We know that the first contact with a BDSM organization can be a scary proposition, and we will do whatever we can to help you feel comfortable. Usually just one meeting will do it. That's because you will discover that we want the same things you do: good friends, good parties, and to learn more about this fascinating thing called BDSM.